Replacing a Hatchet Handle

| 2/22/2013 4:02:20 PM

 Axe with old handle

I’ve always been fascinated with antique tools. They tell a unique story of accomplishment and progress of the people who lived before us. A tool was a precious thing, many times the difference between life or death, food or famine, protection from the elements or the key to saving hours of back breaking labor.  

 Axe with old and new handle

I find it especially interesting if something is known of the family or person who owned the tool. In this instance, this hatchet was my grandfather’s. My grandfather worked as a young man in the lumber industry in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I don’t know if this particular axe was used in his time as a lumber man, but I know that any woodworking tool was dear to him.  

 Axe with Walters touchmark

The axe head is in marvelous condition. It is a Walter’s and by the style, could have been made anywhere from 1912 to 1969. Walter’s axes weren’t rare tools, but the identification of them is often difficult because the touch mark was stamped so lightly. In many of the axe heads the symbol wore off with use.   

2/28/2013 12:03:19 AM

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