Pumpkin, Pumpkin

I planted a variety of pumpkins this year, with mixed results. The little white and yellow mini pumpkins were the first to set fruit, and ripen, and were then promptly eaten by *something* bigger than a breadbox. The old fashioned pumpkins grew nice vines, but didn’t set any fruit. The pie pumpkin set one fruit, which I’m trying to “save” from whatever started nibbleing on it two weeks ago.

The BIG MAX… well, let’s just say that the BIG MAX took over the garden. Through the zucchini rows, up the tomato plants, down the tomato plants, through the peppers, up the corn stalks, down the corn stalks, across the yard. And I have 3 small BIG MAX pumpkins to show for their effort. They’re all roughly the size of a bowling ball, and one of them is dangling in the center of a tomato plant.

I think the summer heat had something to do with the overall poor performance of the pumpkins. And considering the invasion of the garden this year, I’ll be planting the pumpkins a great distance farther from the garden next year!

How did your pumpkins do this year? What did you plant, and how did they grow? Will you be carving up some halloween fun this year, with farm fresh pumpkins?

  • Published on Oct 6, 2010
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