Pruning Tomatoes: Trimming Plants for Better Fruit

| 6/10/2010 10:18:42 AM

A photo of Drew Odom

You asked for it, and Drew delivers. Here's a video on pruning tomatoes properly.

6/11/2010 5:41:34 AM

@Shannon - Bigger plants work just as well. The only caution on that is not to get too carried away because if a plant is showing blooms or even fruit then it has established its nutrient system. However, if you trim it just slightly you will see more fruit clusters start to pop up. Oh, and you are welcome for the video. I am always up for requests! (give me some motivation...hahahaha)

S.M.R. Saia
6/11/2010 5:14:59 AM

Thanks Drew!!!! I have watched this a couple times now. I did a few of the tomatoes yesterday afternoon and will do some more today. My plants are a lot bigger already than the one that you were trimming, so hopefully that's not a problem. I SO appreciate you being so accomodating as to pass on this information. I have some nice big green tomatoes out there but haven't harvested any yet. I hope that keeping them pruned can help me to produce a lot this year. Thanks again!!!!!

6/10/2010 3:16:30 PM

@Nebraska Dave - And thus the reason I DO NOT live in the heartland. hahahahaha. July 4th? Are you kidding me? We have been harvesting cherry tom's for over a week now and are going to be picking our first big beefs over the weekend. You are so welcome for the info. I do hope it helps. Keep me posted!