Pressure Canning: Your Advice

| 2/10/2011 11:10:59 AM


The weather outside is frightfully chilly, but like many, I've got gardening on the brain. Along with gardening comes thoughts of food storage. I don't own a pressure cooker, and wonder if it might be time to add one to the kitchen.

We have a glasstop stove, and not all pressure cookers are recommended on glass/smooth top cooking surfaces. Do you have any words of wisdom about pressure canning on a glasstop cook surface?

Linda Dicks
3/7/2011 7:16:55 PM

My glass top said NOT to use the large pressure cooker..otherwise, nothing larger in diameter than the burner. So I use the stand and burner from a turkey fryer. If it will hold a container full of grease and a turkey, it will hold the pressure cooker. It is portable so can be placed out of the wind, near the back door or wherever you want it.

gutzy grandma
2/11/2011 1:39:32 PM

When I bought my glasstop stove, they told me I could can on it. I have several times. I've learned that the canner should not be bigger than the burner and that you need to be very careful that there is no grit on the bottom of the canner. The first time I canned, it scratched my burner a little due to something gritty on the bottom. Other than that, I've had no problems. Good luck.

Wendy Bodine
2/10/2011 7:53:37 PM

I have the Presto 16 qt pressure canner with the weight regulator - and a glass-top stove. The Presto has an encapsulated disk on the bottom. Other than taking a while to heat up, I have had not problems at all with it. Make sure that your canner has a very flat bottom on it and you should be OK. The write up for the canners should mention if they are safe for glass-top stoves.. Hope this helps!!