Preserving the Harvest Recipes

Don't let all that hard garden work go to waste. Try our recipes for preserving the harvest.

| June 2013

Canned Dill Pickles

Crispy Dill Pickles are simple to make from cucumbers.

Lori Dunn

You work hard all year to grow the garden. From selecting seeds, starting them, transplanting them and finally nurturing the plants to maturity, it takes patience and creativity. So when all of your crops are ready to harvest at once, it’s nearly impossible to cook enough dishes to use them all. Luckily we can employ the methods our ancestors took, and put up the year’s harvest. There’s about as many preservation methods as you can imagine, and you’ll be stocking your cupboard with wholesome, homegrown food. Just think how glad you’ll be in winter to crack open a little jar of summer.

5 Non-Canning Recipes

Homemade Garlic Powder  
No-Fail Basil Pesto  
Salt-Preserved Lemons  
Simple Tomato Powder  
Perfect Frozen Raspberries  

5 Recipes for Canning

Zucchini Pickles   
Chokecherry Jelly  
Granny's Chow Chow  
Crispy Dill Pickles  
Blueberry Chutney  

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