6 Popular Rustic Décor Trends This Year

| 1/11/2017 10:54:00 AM

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Megan WildThere’s something about rustic, vintage décor inside your home that gives you that Southern-comfort feeling. People fall in love with antique styles and accents that help give their home a fresh, farm look. As trends come and go, there are a few you’re sure to see this year when it comes to farm décor:

Gallery Walls

It’s just not chic to have one or two picture frames on a wall anymore. Gallery walls are in, and they include more than just picture frames. Any unique and antique treasure you find can be incorporated on your gallery wall.

The key is to keep the theme simple and the colors similar. The wall should be filled with minimal space between each hanging. This look creates a vintage vibe, but it makes your wall look like a beautiful, large, focal point in a home.

It’s easy to add sentimental items to the wall as well. A monogram, for instance, is a great piece to include. You can also find vintage signs, printed quotes, or even black-and-white profile silhouettes to give your wall that farm feel.

Source: Pexels

Exposed Brick Fireplace

When remodeling a house, people often think to get rid of the brick. However, exposed brick is making a comeback. People want that rustic red look, and it looks amazing when it’s around a fireplace. Staying home is the new going out, so why not sit around a brick fireplace?

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