Planting Fruit and Pecan Trees

| 1/26/2013 4:59:37 PM

The time to plant fruit and nut trees in Texas is from December through mid March. Winter planting gives the trees time to adjust to their new environment before the hot weather sets in.

Fruit and Pecan Trees 

Fruit trees are widely adapted to growing and producing in Texas. Fruit trees need good soil water drainage and plentiful sunlight. Most fruit trees will span about 15 feet in diameter.

I purchased container grown plum and fig trees.  I purchased a Methley plum which produces large golden red fruit. Its fruit should ripen toward the end of May in Texas. This variety of plum is a self-pollinator. I also purchased a Celeste fig which is a hardy plant that produces small to medium size fruit which should ripen in July in Texas. 

Fig Plum 

The pecan is the Texas State tree. It is native to about 150 counties in Texas and is capable of growing and producing pecans in all 254 counties. Pecans need to be planted in fertile and well drained soils in full sun. They can grow very large which means they need to be planted at least 30 feet from buildings and power lines.