Spirit of the American Barn

Photographs chronicle the life cycle of a powerful rural icon.

| March/April 2009

Most photographed barn in America

The Man in the Moon looks down on a barn on Antelope Flats in the Grand Teton National Park near Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Russell Kord/Robertstock.com

From the early days of my country childhood, the barn on our Kentucky farm was a special place. Now, 50 years later, it still is, but it lives only in my photographs and memories.

On rainy days, I hid out amongst the musty hay bales that offered a wonderful coziness while listening for hours to the pitter patter of big drops on the rusty tin roof. I was 8 or 9 then, old enough to savor what comfort the old barn offered. It was, as I look back, a most wonderful, and inspiring time of my life. Although I was devastated when our barn was finally torn down, that event motivated me to study, and document through photography, the spirit of the American barn.

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