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April FreemanYesterday, the kids and I spent a couple hours pulling weeds. However, these weeds weren’t crabgrass, dandelions or Johnson grass. We were pulling superweeds.

Spiny Amaranth, a.k.a. Pigweed, has been a thorn (literally!) in our sides (and hands and bare feet!) for about three years.


The first year, we noticed a few small, prickly weeds with pinky-red stems. The second year they were everywhere. After doing some research, we learned that they were Spiny Amaranth. Nothing, not even goats, eats this stuff. Roundup won’t kill it, nor will any other herbicide. They release thousands of seeds each year, which will sprout in open ground. Cows sometimes eat the seed heads, but the seeds pass intact into a cow’s manure and will sprout later.

The field in which they have taken hold is our poorest pasture. The cows hang out in this field all winter. We’re pulling these awful weeds by hand with thick leather gloves. We pile them in the wheelbarrow and burn them. Our hope is that by diligent work, we will significantly reduce or eliminate the pigweed. Then we can plow and overseed that field.

What does Monsanto have to do with this?

6/27/2014 8:52:18 AM

April, I've heard about these super weeds that are becoming more difficult to manage. Since Monsanto produced these weeds and has a patent on any thing that has the roundup ready gene in it, maybe they should come and get them, don't you think? I guy in Canada tried that and was temped to take his Canola seed crop that had been cross contaminated from Monsanto's patented seed planted in the next field to his and dump it in their parking lot. They claimed he couldn't sell it because it was theirs and Monsanto actually won a law suit about such a thing. It's a crazy court ruling that says you can not sue Monsanto for contaminating your crop but they have the right to claim your crop because of the patent on the genetically altered seed. That's how I understand it anyway. It looks like we have come full circle and are regressing back to mechanical cultivation for weed control. Duh, imagine that. Old generation ways just seem to work. ***** Good luck with your weed control and have a great super weed pulling day.

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