Final Installment of the Armadillo Conundrum

| 1/17/2018 11:47:00 AM

Linda and Burt Crume 

Armadillo shell

The final solution for armadillos in yards and gardens isn’t simple. Human values and legalities complicate approaches regarding any armadillo solution. For instance:

1. Conflicting laws in different government entities (federal protection areas, states, and municipalities, etc.)

2. Moral, ethical, and religious values

3. Financial considerations ranging from building fences to hiring pest reduction firms to buying traps and weapons

1/22/2018 11:41:35 AM

Burt, there are no armadillos in Nebraska but my biggest garden plague is raccoons. They live in the storm drains of the city with the rats and come out at night to scavenge what they can. So they have a built in tunnel system to get all around the city. The only thing that I found to keep those buggers at bay is an electric fence. So I built a wooden fence to keep the deer out of my garden. Then I built a steel welded wire fence inside the wooden fence to keep out the rabbits. Then I put up an electric fence to keep out the raccoons. Now I'm down to dealing with field mice that dig out my plants in the spring. There's just no end to dealing with nature and weather. I can live with field mice. I did have moles in my back yard one year and had the same idea as your golf course friend. I killed all the grubs in the soil and haven't had a mole since so it's good advice. Have a great armadillo hunting day. Nebraska Dave