Armadillos Don’t Understand “Destructive”

| 1/4/2018 8:45:00 AM

Linda and Burt Crume 

Armadillos don’t intend to destroy sidewalks, houses, and other man-made structures. They are just digging a place to call home or are hungry and searching for the wide range of invertebrates they consume.  Most problems occur when armadillos dig under or along foundations, driveways and other structures.  They also can weaken levees along rivers and streams by digging long tunnels used for escape routes and to provide nests.

Damage to lawns, golf courses, and pastures can result in broken lawn maintenance equipment, and injury to humans and domestic animals may occur when stepping into an armadillo hole.  Of more consequence is the financial cost of maintaining smooth lawn surfaces on golf courses and other recreational areas.

Armadillos favor soft, easy to dig in, fertilized soil — exactly the type of prepared soil we use to grow vegetables and flowers, and grasses designed for humans’ recreational purposes and for aesthetic value.

Methods of control, according to University of Florida publication, The Nine-Banded Armadillo, by Joseph M. Schaefer and Mark E. Hostetler, include:

• Reduce Watering and fertilizing lawns