Our Move to the Country: Concluded


A photo of Shawn from The Funny FarmWhen we first got here I decided to start getting into raising animals. I knew I wanted to have laying hens, so did my mom, but I wanted to wait and get my feet wet with something easy. I wasn’t sure what that would be until one day when I was at the Tractor Supply. There in the center of the store was a pair of Dutch Rabbits, a hutch and some cages. I figured it would be easy to raise a rabbit. Besides, we were looking for a “get acquainted to the country” gift for our niece Siri.

I told the woman at the counter I wanted one of the rabbits. She informed me that the pair of rabbits were brothers and the employees were all hoping they wouldn’t have to separate them. As I was processing what the clerk was telling me and trying to decide if I really wanted to have to feed and care for two rabbits, I noticed four or five other employees showing up out of absolutely nowhere with little pouty looks on their faces and their hands in the “let us pray” position. Nothing like being held hostage by a group of teenage, animal loving, after school store clerks. They were all staring at me and waiting for me to be the hero of the day and take both rabbits.

I thought quickly and said “no problem, but I want them both for the price of one, seeing how I only wanted one in the first place.” I thought that would let me off the hook, and I instantly thought of how clever I was. I could feel the proud grin start to form across my face. They were not going to put me on the spot like that. I have always been a good negotiator, and I have never bowed down to pressure. But before I knew it, the woman at the counter exclaimed, “You have a deal!”

The next thing I knew they were all jumping up and down with excitement, patting my back and praising me for being such a wonderful person. I was numb and shocked. I was standing there in a daze. I couldn’t believe I actually got played like that. I glanced over at the woman behind the counter, and she seemed to have the beginnings of that same proud grin on her face that I had on mine only moments before.

Oh well, two rabbits instead of one. It would be a piece of cake. One big hutch and they could keep each other company. I also didn’t think feeding a second bunny was going to break the bank. Something at the time though told me I should have known better. I had a funny feeling.

I climbed in the truck with my purchase and headed home. I couldn’t wait to get those new rabbits home to Siri. She was going to be so excited. Siri named the two little guys Peanut Butter and Jelly. I thought those were good names for them. I really don’t believe in naming animals that are going to be our homestead animals, but these guys were going to be pets, so why not. And Siri was sooo happy.

Nebraska Dave
3/10/2010 11:21:47 AM

Shawn, I hardly think that the move to the country is concluded. Maybe this part of the story is, but it definitely sounds like your move is an on going exciting adventure. I’m amazed at how you have family relationship with so many family members living close together. My family is scattered through out the country. Texas, Wyoming, Las Vegas, Washington state, Maryland are a few of the different places. It really sounds like you have quite the homestead that caters to all the desires of the family. I had visions of raising rabbits at one time as well. I did indeed buy two rabbits that were named Amos and Andy. That was a big mistake allowing the family to name them. Yup, you guessed it. Seven years later they died of old age. They wouldn’t let me get any girls because they knew what would happen to the babies. So my Urban homesteading days came to a close and I turned my passion to raising fruits and vegetables. As it turned out I wasn’t too good at that either so I reduced myself to just taking care of the lawn. I’ve started to pursue the gardening again with a little better result but still no animals unless you want to count the Urban wild life animals. I’m really enjoying reading about your homestead adventures.

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