Trees on the Homestead


Faithful HomesteaderOne of the things that attracted us to the area where we live was the abundance of trees. Just immediately around our house, there are seven large mature trees. We started out with three pine trees, one post oak, one live oak, a mimosa and what we think is an elm tree. We certainly love the shade that our trees provide and the birds that they attract.

Cardinals often visit the tree.

Not long after we moved in, my husband was insistent on adding some fruit trees. We planted two fig trees and three apple trees. I didn’t really know much about trees and cross-pollination. I thought you could just plant a fruit tree and call it good. I didn’t know that having a variety of apple trees cross-pollinating with each other could bring about a better-flavored apple.

Unfortunately, I have not yet had the opportunity to enjoy such apples. My husband confessed to not taking good care of the apple trees. He said, “I dropped them in a hole and forgot about them.” Needless to say, they have not done that well. It is a good reminder of the importance of taking care of them. Initially we had difficulty with the fig trees growing, losing 4 of them. We have one now that we are watching and it seems to be doing well as far as we can tell.

We have also planted some peach trees. Last year we had a couple that were looking so good and then the floods came and destroyed most of what we had planted. We planted some more peach trees just recently.  I sure love their pretty flowers. We also have a jujube tree that we planted as a seedling from China that has done well.

One thing that my husband has done as we think of adding more trees to the property is to prepare the ground for the trees. It takes a bit of patience and planning, but he prepares the soil a couple of years ahead of time with compost, manure and other additions. This helps condition the soil nutritionally and biologically. This mimics soil under a mature tree. In theory, this should be better for young trees, and it has worked out really well for our jujube tree.

3/28/2016 10:56:33 PM

Thanks for stopping by NebraskaDave. Glad I am not alone with liking the trees. That is unfortunate about all the sewer stuff. I hope our bushes do well. We have some too.

3/24/2016 8:23:23 PM

Faithful Homesteader, trees, yeah, I love trees. One of the things I liked about the home my wife and I purchased in the urban neighborhood was the many trees the were 20 years mature and lined the street with many branches that hung out over the street. Buzz buzz buzz (years passing by) 30 years later old sewer lines from the street to the house began clogging up. The neighbor's surrounding me have had to dig up the sewer line to the street and replace sections of the line. Wouldn't you know that the designer of the homes brilliantly decided to run the sewer lines under the driveways. So far my sewer line is holding up but it's just a matter of time when my several thousand dollar sewer replacement will become a reality ***** I don't have room enough for trees so my plan is to have berry bushes. I do like raspberry and blackberry bushes and haven't really gotten to that part of the garden just yet. It's still a wild weed mess. When I get to that part of the garden structure, I'm guessing I'll have to totally cage the area. Birds love berries so aerial attacks are beyond a doubt. ***** Have a great tree soil preparation/planting day.

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