Another Round of Apple Tree Pruning

| 3/29/2016 9:15:00 AM

Jennifer QuinnLast year I posted about pruning the long-neglected apple trees that I inherited when I moved to Panther’s Hollow. Here’s what they looked like after the first round:

apple trees 2015

Still pretty messy, right? So this year I set about thinning them out some more. Here’s how they look now (sorry the picture isn’t clearer):

trees in 2016

Big difference, huh? The one on the left actually has more branches than it looks like in the photo—unless you look carefully—and there are some old stumps of dead wood that I still have to cut off. But I think now they’re just about the way they should be.

Note that the spindly tree on the left of the first photo is now gone, too.