O, Christmas Tree!

| 12/15/2016 1:44:00 PM

Country Moon

Few Christmas decorations can top the Christmas tree. At this time of year, it is usually the focal point that brings families together. There is just something about the twinkling lights and the warm glow that speaks for the season.

As with everything, manufacturers strive every year to make a better fake tree. Artificial trees are shaped with perfect branches that make the real deal look like Charlie Brown trees; they are pre-lit and are even scented with evergreen. They are flawless. Even so, I have fond memories of cutting down a tree from the woodlot and decorating it with strings of popcorn, pinecones, and homemade ornaments. That is still my favorite kind of tree.

Apparently, many other folks prefer the real deal, too, because Christmas tree farms are thriving. Growing evergreens is an ideal either project for either spare time or full time. One of the biggest attractions of this type of farming is the small amount of work it actually takes.

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