No White Christmas In NW Ohio the Year

| 12/18/2012 3:37:51 PM

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A photo of KateWhere, oh where is the snow this year? That is what everyone is asking. Even last winter, which was mild and almost snow free, we did pick up a little bit of the white stuff but this year you can count the flakes on one hand – technically called a trace. The forecast is maybe of the end of this week we might get some rain turning to snow, but the chance of snow is dwindling each day.  

The good news is that on December 18th, it was cool but mild enough and dry enough to put towels and bed sheets onto the line to dry!! This is indeed a rarity in December and laundry always smells that little bit better when the temperatures are down below 60 degrees. 

While I was hanging the laundry I noticed some strange grass was growing in the strawberry patch so I wandered over to see. Not grass but little onions or maybe garlic is growing!! That is not the only area that is green and vibrant – the herb patch is holding its own too. Mint, thyme and sage are just some of the herbs that I can still harvest fresh for meals.  

So as we head toward the Christmas week, the only chance of snow seems Thursday and the chance of that remaining for a white Christmas is indeed slim. 

12/19/2012 2:27:55 PM

Kate, those weather guys have us here in Nebraska on a severe weather watch for today. A chorus of snow blowers could be heard through out the neighborhood yesterday as everyone prepared for the coming snow. I brought in the bass with my Stormie, as I call her, snow blower. She's a big five horse two stage blower that will chew through the deepest of snow drifts. I'll send the snow your way when it gets here. I'm sure you are like us and need the moisture. Have a great Christmas.

12/19/2012 2:05:40 PM

Same here in SE Massachusetts. Very unusual compared to when I was growing up here. Last year was very little snow for us also. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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