New Roses for 2011

| 4/27/2011 12:33:33 PM

Tractor iconAnd the winners are… In 2007 it was Pope John Paul II, touted as the the best all time white Hybrid Tea rose. In 2008 it was April in Paris with strong fragrance, in 2009 it was Sweetness with unusual color and in 2010 it was Sedona’s warm glow. These award winning roses are recognized for their beauty, uniqueness, strong fragrance, and disease resistance. New rose introductions are successful when they bring improvement. So… what is new and improved for 2011?

Always and Forever Rose 

2011 Rose of the Year: Always and Forever Enduring beauty from classically formed, perfectly sculpted blooms.

Crescendo Rose 

Named in Honor of the Nashville Symphony: Crescendo
Memorable fragrance from a single bloom that is strong enough to fill a room.

Walking on Sunshine Rose