Never A Dull Moment

| 6/1/2013 5:12:00 PM

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Memorial Day Weekend. This phrase conjures images of grill-outs, sunny afternoons in hammocks with gin lemonade, and general recreational bliss. Unless you're farming. Then, it's time to plant.

Tomatoes and other nightshades are transplanted, and cucurbits are sown, along with beans and corn all at the same time. This weekend coincides with our last frost date around here, and by then, the tomato clones are threatening mutiny in  the greenhouse anyway, so all systems are GO!!!

That means, at least around here, two solid weeks of being completely at the mercy of the garden. We use a great deal of grass mulch on our garden, and as such, mow a great deal of land. Paths are cut through the pastures for camping, (we always have friends sleeping in campers or tents periodically through the season) and the yards and orchards provide enough mulch to serve as much needed weed control when we set plants in the ground. Provided it isn't raining. No mowing when it's raining. No tilling, no working in the garden... just growing grass...

Nature is a fickle thing. 

Also, spring is when babies are born. Rabbits, goats, chickens, guineas, turkeys, ducks and pigs all start demanding unexpected changes in schedule when spring does what it does, and it really is a glorious chaos. Time becomes a blur often, and it's hard to eke out enough to sit down for half an hour and even begin to relax, let alone reflect on the day. 

But this, too, shall pass. 

6/3/2013 8:23:31 PM

Anthony, that's a mighty fine looking tomato plant you have there. Spring is the busiest season of the year. When the weather jumps over spring and goes right into summer like it did here, it gets really busy. I don't have any animals to worry about .... well except for the wild ones. They do like to get in my garden. Weed control is an issue this year. With all the rain, the weeds are growing inches a day with very few days to mow or weed. Now that I'm retired I can truly reflect on amazing life can be without the corporate cubical stress. Unlike you, I really don't have to make a living from gardening but instead just do it for fun. It took me a long time to get to this season of life, so your darn tootin' I'm gona enjoy it. Have a great homestead day.

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