Louisiana iris

| 10/6/2012 8:42:42 PM

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In one of my previous posts I discussed the use of Japanese iris for wet spots in your yard.  The Japanese iris can be difficult to grow if not watered well.  Louisiana irises also enjoy moisture, but are a little more forgiving of lack of moisture than the Japanese iris.  These beardless irises are a great choice for bog and water gardens and can be grown in most areas of the country.

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For best blooms, plant about an inch deep in half to full day of sun in slightly acidic soil without competition for moisture with trees or plants with large root system. Fertilize with the same fertilizer that you use on azaleas or alfalfa pellets, or three month slow-release pellets or 15-15-15, in the early spring and again after blooming in spring . Remove the bloom stalks after flowering and cut the foliage down to just a few inches in early winter.  Mulch well. This protects the iris from drought as well as freezing temperatures.  Addition of pine bark or pine needles will help with acidity.

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If you plan to use the iris in a water feature, place the rhizome in an 18" diameter pot. The depth of the pot in the water should be at least 8" inches with the rhizome planted about two inches from the surface of the soil.

Mary Carton
10/11/2012 3:02:27 AM

Thanks for commenting Dave, your garden is really looking great. I've gotten into re-blooming iris that bloom in March and again in Sept to Oct. A great season ending display. I have apple trees blooming right now. It's been such a crazy summer.

10/10/2012 1:00:35 AM

Mary, you are the queen of Iris. I have a few Iris because they are so easy to grow. You can literally just drop them on the ground and they will grow. I know because I accidently did that once. And they do no require much attention. I planted mine and some times I just don't pay much attention to them until they bloom in the spring with wonderful blooms. I really should take care of them better. Have a great Iris day.