Wordless Wednesday: Dandelions

| 4/9/2014 9:31:00 AM

While suburban homeowners don't like dandelions in their lawn, cows love them.


4/10/2014 6:29:27 AM

April, yeah, dandelion, my favorite spring flower (screeching record sound) NOT. I have eaten a few of the leaves but during the abundant dandelion season, I just root them out and pitch them in the yard waste bag. Let the city deal with them. Supposedly, the root can be used to make tea but I've not tried that and probably won't any time soon. I'm sure it's really good for a person's health but I'd have to put something it to make it palatable that probably would negate all the good healthful benefits. So far the dandelion situation has not arrived in my yard yet but I'm sure it won't be long as the grass is starting to green up. ***** Have a great dandelion day.