To Each His Own Rock

| 11/18/2016 10:34:00 AM

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Country MoonI like rocks. Coming from a country and farm girl, you may think that is an absurd thing to say, especially since I spent an entire summer picking rocks (a lot of which were actually boulders) to clear more farm ground. However, they have always fascinated me. Each one is unique, you can decorate with them, and unlike other landscaping techniques, they'll never need water or any special care.

Each area has its own specific kind of rocks for which it is known, which makes hunting for them just as much fun as having them. Not to be partial, but there are four distinct rock formations that catches my eye.


First and foremost is the pudding stone. Anyone that has ever visited our yard knows that this was Jim’s favorite. He spent days driving the backroads and talking to farmers in pursuit of the elusive pudding stone. He even went so far as to ask that one be put on an estate auction and bought it! Another he got free, but paid $250 to have it hauled here. Now that is the love of a rock!

Pudding stones can be found here in southwest Michigan, although the hot spot in the state for them is on Drummond Island. The island itself is known as the “gem of the Huron, and at her center is the Pudding stone.” The glaciers pushed them down through eastern Michigan and along the north shores of Lake Huron.

They are so named because they look like big globs of pudding, predominantly pink in color, with bands of smaller stones distributed throughout the larger rock. They are conglomerates of quartzite and pebbles of jasper, and their size ranges from as small as a pebble to as large as a dump truck. The British settlers that were stationed on Drummond Island believed that they looked like boiled sweet pudding with berries, hence their name.

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