No Space? No Problem! Contain Your Garden

| 4/4/2016 10:07:00 AM

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As spring approaches I am getting excited about the garden again, like I usually do this time of year. As much work as it is, as much as I despise everything ripening at once regardless of how I stagger planting, as much as I rethink what a good idea a garden is in late August when I can hardly keep up with the watering and canning and freezing, I do enjoy the garden. There is nothing that can equal the freshness and wholesomeness of homegrown.

This is why I was saddened when I overheard a couple saying that they just didn’t have room for a garden so they would never have fresh vegetables. No matter where you live, no matter how limited your space, you can have a garden. It just takes a little ingenuity.

Voila, the container garden. Now, before you go thinking that a container garden is the old-school thinking of one tomato plant in a pot, think again. Planting in containers has become increasingly popular as a way to use limited space to produce fresh vegetables as well as doubling as accents to a house. The sky is the limit as to what you can plant in a pot. Anything goes from flowers and herbs to fruits and vegetables.

The even better part is that it is not rocket science to get started, you just need a few common sense guidelines to follow. The golden rule to remember here is, unlike traditional garden space where plants have good drainage after rain, plants in containers can get water-logged in a hurry. Always remember to put drainage holes in the bottom of pots so excess water has a place to drain.

Almost anything can be used as a pot. Traditional pots, tubs, half barrels are all fair game to be used as planters. For years, we have used various antiques to either hold other pots or to plant directly in. Old wooden carts, milk can carts, old manure spreaders and wooden wagons that have seen their better days can enjoy a second life when filled with flowers. Old butchering kettles make a nice focal point in a yard.

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