Lily: Introducing the 2018 Summer Bulb of the Year

| 2/26/2018 11:58:00 AM

Garden Media GroupDazzling lilies set off colorful fireworks in the garden. Garden? Yes, in the garden! Many people are familiar with lilies as cut flowers but don't know that they can also add sparkle to the garden.

This is why the lily was selected to be the Summer Bulb of 2018.


Lilies, native to the Northern Hemisphere, have been a flower of significance for thousands of years. They are surrounded by symbolism.

The lily represents femininity, love, purity and a sense of transience. But lilies also have a wonderful history. In 1150, King Louis of France used an image of a lily on his shield as a symbol of his name (Louis or Loys) and power. The lily is also portrayed as a focal point in many historical paintings.

Plant the 2018 Summer Bulb of the Year

Summer flowers

Lilies are one of the most popular spring-planted flower bulbs. If you plant different varieties, you can have impressive flowers growing in the garden from June through September.