Confessions of a Tree Hugger

| 4/20/2015 12:51:00 PM

Rima AustinI have a confession; I have labeled myself a naturalist, maybe even a borderline hippie, but never a tree hugger. Although I lean more toward a liberal stance, I do have some conservative beliefs. I’m not a vegan or a vegetarian; I don’t eat granola as a main course; and I don’t smoke anything that is leafy green, brown or gold. I have recently, though, come to the conclusion that I adore trees. I love their strength and hardiness. I love their ability to make it through even the most violent storms and then see their leaves billowing gently in the soft breeze of the morning after when I wake up. All this is why I relish every opportunity to plant a tree and over the weekend I did just that.

Corner tree

This tree has stood at the corner of my property and my uncle’s land for as long as I can remember.

Because I work full-time, I have to plan my weekends according to what job is pertinent to my plans. Sometimes, however, something will fall in my lap that is unexpected, and I have to focus my attention on that. I received a text from my sister that she was at the USDA office and they were giving away White Poplar trees. Did I want any? Of course, my response was a resounding yes. I was expecting a couple of trees that I could plant close to the cabin in order to get some shade. She brought back 16 trees! Because I cannot, consciously, pick the best ones and let the others die I planted every one of them.

White Poplar sapling  Sapling row

These little guys were not much more than twigs but some day they will be majestic shade trees.