Landscape in a Box

For those strapped for cash, space and time, a boxed garden – already designed by a professional – is a great way to get a terrific-looking landscape.

| June 12, 2009

Hiring a professional landscape architect is one way to get a great-looking landscape, but it’s usually cost-prohibitive. Especially during an economic slump.

So, how about buying a landscape designer in a box? That’s basically what you get when you buy a preplanned garden. A professional designer has already selected plants that look great together and thrive in the same growing conditions. All you do is put the plants in the ground according to the enclosed diagram. Viola! Instant garden!

Here are three great preplanned gardens that will make your yard look great:


Summer Dreams Garden

Every yard has a small, neglected space that could use a shot of summer color. That’s the idea behind the Summer Dreams Pre-planned Garden, a summer-blooming perennial garden that fills a small 5-foot-square space with harmonious color. All of the plants in this garden are easy-care, low-maintenance varieties that thrive in a wide range of soils.

Included in the garden are one each of Blue Fortune Hyssop (Agastache ‘Blue Fortune’), Fireworks Goldenrod (Solidago rugosa ‘Fireworks’), Goldstrum Black Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia 'Goldsturm'), Purple Cone Flower (Echinacea purpurea), Rozzane Perennial Geranium (Geranium 'Rozzane'), and two Meadow Blazing Star plants (Liatris ligulistylus). The perennials in the Summer Dreams garden are excellent nectar and pollen sources for attracting and feeding beneficial pollinators like bees and butterflies.

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If you are interested in re-designing your garden, you can hand over this responsibility to the company, as they can provide a newer look to the garden in a perfect manner.

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