It's The Garden and I'll Plant What I Want To

| 4/30/2015 4:01:00 PM

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JerryIt's The Garden, and I'll plant what I want to!

I spend a great deal of time in The Garden, and I take what I do very seriously (not that I don't have a lot of fun). Like many folks these days, our family is on a very tight budget, and as a result, the food our garden produces plays an important role in helping us keep our heads above water. There is no way our family could afford the quantity, quality, or variety of fresh vegetables The Garden provides us if we had to purchase them at the local grocery store.


The Garden serves as an act of rebellion for me. By growing my own food, I cut out the middle man, I get to choose the varieties I grow, and I am feeding my family more healthful food, arguably at a lower cost. Admittedly, The Garden is a small act of defiance, but a person has to start somewhere, right? How, you ask is a garden an act of rebellion? It’s all about taking back control of at least a part of my life, and a step away from the culture of greed and consumerism that is so prevalent in today’s world.



5/19/2015 3:13:00 PM

Thank you. I've not used any type of weed killer in my gardens in many years. Beyond the health concerns, I'm too cheap. In order to keep the weeds at bay I spend a great deal of time pulling them up also. I rarely till in my gardens anymore, I've come to the conclusion that all tilling does is bring new weed seeds to the surface, and they don't need any help. I also do the following, which you may find helpful, most of my garden is planted in raised beds, every couple of years I refresh the compost layer on top of the bed, I try to put down a layer of cardboard or newspaper down before adding the compost, this has been very effective.

5/18/2015 12:44:52 PM

That's a beautiful garden! If I had the space for a garden I would love to try my hand at growing tomatoes. I've only got a small patch for herbs that I've been tending to but I have to get better control over my weeds. They'll pop up so fast, no matter how often I pull. I make sure to get the root, too. Is there any weed killer I can use that won't hurt my plants or animals that might come in contact with it? Thanks for posting, I appreciate the tips.

5/15/2015 3:33:49 PM

May 15th! Wow! I would go stir crazy and take everybody in my house with me! Jerry

5/8/2015 9:04:40 AM

Jerry, I agree with gardening being mental therapy. It just seems to sooth the soul, don't you think? In my humble opinon, Spring earth smell after a well behaved rain storm is the best aroma therapy. My tomatoes will be going in the ground soon. The last frost date here in Nebraska is May 15th so the last couple weeks in May are heavy garden planting weeks. I'll do one more weed control cultivating before planting and mulching. Have a great therapeutic rebellion day.

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