It's A Husking!

| 10/31/2016 12:25:00 PM

Country Moonhusking1



I have a new title, Michigan’s Senior Women’s Corn Husking Winner! Now, that statement probably got your attention. It certainly piqued mine when I noted Clay Geyer’s article in the August/September issue of Farm & Ranch Living about the Indiana State Corn Husking Contest that was held in Bremen, Indiana on October 1st. Clay is the president of the organization, and basically works all year to promote this one day event.

I never knew there was such a contest, but the mention of it certainly brought back sweet memories of when my family would husk out the corners of the fields and a couple of rows of corn around the perimeter of the fields so that Dad could get his picker in without knocking down corn. It was a lot of work, usually from dawn till dusk for two or three days. Still, it was fun, and since I had so much practice as a kid, I thought I would give it a try this year.

Mark my word, these contestants take the competition seriously. Clay explained the rules: "Each contestant signs up in the category that suits them (young men’s, senior women, youth, golden agers, etc.). You husk corn down one row as fast as you can and throw the husked ears in a horse-drawn wagon that is pulled right alongside where you husk. A person called a 'gleaner' walks behind to collect any ears that you miss, and another person has a stopwatch to mark 20 minutes. Any husk that is left on the ears is later weighed and deducted from the total number of pounds that you husk. Any missed ears are also deducted."