I'm a Survivor

| 9/2/2011 10:44:54 PM

 Tough little flower 

Sometimes even I have to take a step back and appreciate the little things.  Here I was busting my butt trying to clean out the weeds that were cropping up in places they were not supposed to be, when I realized a single petunia seed must have managed to find its way through the rocks, the gardeners cloth, and take root.

Out of respect for the sheer unlikiness of this single flower working so hard to grow, I couldn't bear to pull it out. It bloomed recently and it turns out its a white petunia.  Which means that this little guy seeded out when I was actually potting its counterparts.

Every time it water my flowers or walk by and see this little guy growing strong, I can't help but smile.  Sometimes it really is the little things.  


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Nebraska Dave
9/6/2011 5:46:27 PM

Sue, I have a couple survivor Plants as well. One was a rose bush that was just in the wrong place so I intentionally tried kill it every way known but it just wouldn't die. So I decided to let it live. It has taken a couple years to recover from the brutal treatment that I gave it. The other plant was a peony that froze off one spring. After the rest of that year and another whole year of nothing, it sent up one little sprout. This year is had five blooms. It's well on the way to full recovery. Plants are tougher than we think. After all, they didn't always have us gardeners around to cultivate them and take care of there every need. Have a great day in the garden.