I Fought the Moths and the Moths Won

| 9/13/2012 10:53:35 PM

Battle lines were drawn on August 25th.  And on Diane’s Calendar of Daze a new holiday was penned in.

Moth Day notes that date in local Bloomfield, California history where tiny clothes and carpet moths erupt from closets and drawers to stage nothing less than an annual coup (properly called a Mini-Invasion).

The rest ‘o the year it can be unequivocally stated that we humans think we have the upper hand – but just when the Upper Hand is being raised for a final Swat Salute to the tune of ‘All Hail to the Chief’, along comes August 25th: an un-celebratory day of reckoning and Great Hatchings.

And the tune immediately changes to ‘I Fought the Moths and the Moths Won’ (ala Bobby Fuller Four’s classic).

Neither RAID nor swatter nor bug bombs can stem the tide of troopers invading Closet Normandy on Moth Day.

 They come in all sizes from ‘infant’ to ‘petite’; but ‘small’ aptly defines their general countenance.  Add ‘annoyingly’ to the description and there you have it: a full-blown Moth Day experience.