Nominate Homesteaders of the Year

Homesteaders of the year will be named in September for annual Homesteading Education Month.

| March/April 2013

I’m thrilled to report that GRIT has once again teamed up with Mother Earth News to celebrate International Homesteading Education Month, which occurs this September.

Knowing how to provide food and shelter for you and your family is as important today as it has ever been, and, as so many of you report to us, self-reliance offers a modicum of security and considerable personal satisfaction in these times.

The GRIT and CAPPER’s communities have always led the way when it comes to embracing responsibility and helping one another out, so we want to make a big deal about it, do our part to facilitate the conversation, and help you all share the good information.

So once again, we’d like you to think about some of the skills you recently learned that have been particularly useful, or those that you know well and share with other folks in your region by inviting them over for a demonstration of some kind. Alternatively, you can post the information on your blog, or post it on our website. Any way you do it, we’d like to help publicize your knowledge and accomplishments using our extensive print and online resources.

Whether you’re an expert gardener or you just learned how to control squash bugs in your area, folks need — and want — that information. Likewise, if you have had good success using pigs to work ground around your place, there’s nothing quite like turning others on to 21st-century homestead solutions.

A National Homesteading Education Month page is up on our website.

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