Homesteaders Food Challenge: Eat Your Yard

| 6/16/2016 1:44:00 PM

I am Candi. Also known as creator of "The Homesteaders Food Challenge."

The Mission: For 101 days I will only eat food that I raised, grew, gathered, killed, picked, trapped or otherwise obtained around here by my own hands.

The Timeline: 101 days

The Location: The rolling hills of Kentucky where it's hot, humid and lush.

Disclaimer: My intentions are not to make anyone feel guilty or like a failure because they are purchasing food from a grocery. I love groceries. I understand that this challenge is not possible for most. Not everyone has the ability to grow and raise their own food. My heart is not to hurt or ostracize anyone. My purpose in this exercise in eating the foods from my own hands is to teach, encourage and excite those who are interested in growing their own food. This is as personal as it gets for me. I really want to see if I can grow everything that I eat.

Here's the challenge: