Gardener's Supply 'Pest and Disease Detective' Aids Beleaguered Gardeners

| 8/19/2011 12:21:19 PM

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Gardeners Supply2For gardeners in many parts of the country, now is the most challenging time, when garden pest and disease problems may be in full force. For organic gardeners who don't want to use an herbicide that harms every insect -- it can be difficult to know what is causing the problem. Now, gardeners can turn to a free online resource created by Gardener's Supply that helps identify pests and diseases while providing earth-friendly solutions.

Gardener's Supply, an award-winning online and catalog retailer, developed the tool to aid gardeners in the sometimes maddening task of identifying, and taking action against, what's destroying their plants.

"Spring's wet weather stressed plants and created ideal conditions for disease," explains Maree Gaetani, gardening relations, Gardener's Supply. "Currently, Blossom-End Rot is the most common complaint among gardeners."

Gardeners SupplyWhen tomato plants appear lush and healthy and almost ready for harvest, Blossom-End Rot is discouraging when brown decay appears at the blossom end, spreading rapidly and spoiling the fruit.

"We recommend Rot-Stop for Blossom-End Rot, as this all-natural formula prevents calcium deficiency, the most common cause of blossom-end rot," continued Gaetani.

Gardeners can also learn prevention techniques from the Pest and Disease Detective and learn from Product Reviews how other gardeners found success with the recommended solution.

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