Garden Planning: Taking Stock

| 12/2/2009 5:46:26 PM

Giant Daikon Radish

A photo of Shannon SaiaWhat on earth is this?

If your answer is a giant Daikon radish you’re only partly right. The answer that I’m looking for is: “It’s evidence.”

Of what, you ask?

It’s evidence that I planted a crop this fall that I a) don’t really like, and b) don’t really know what to do with. Which is why I never harvested it, but let it keep growing, and growing ... after awhile it kind of became a game. How big would it actually get? It got even bigger than it looks. I broke off about eight inches of it trying to pull it up out of the ground.

Enough already.

12/8/2009 8:39:18 PM

Shannon, It's always so fun planning next year's garden. You have such a great goal of growing all your own produce also. I love your list of what you won't do -sometimes things are just too time consuming for me also. Better just to buy. vickie

Paul Gardener
12/8/2009 4:57:52 PM

Daikon... cool, haven't tried it but just might. You can pickle it pretty well and that way it's really good in a Korean sushi-like food called kimbap (sounds like Kim Bop). Or you can use it in stir fries easily. I think you're right on the money for making a list of specific goals. You'll find that once you've done that, it's really easy to wittle them down to specific planting dates, location, rotations and such. The only thing I think I'd add is to keep the garden fun in the face of glaring pragmatism. Every year we try out some small areas worth of a new veggie just to see how it does. Soem make the cut, others don't. Okra and Kohlrabi are a couple of fun ones that we ended up liking. Great job! P~