The Garden Is Ready for Some Growing!

Reader Contribution by Tricia Millix

So, we have the plan for our garden. We know what we want to plant and where. Our raised beds are all ready, we received our dirt delivery, mixed it all with our compost gold and now we need our plants.

I always have such a hard time deciding where to get the best plants, actually that is not so true, I know the best place is from our farmers’ markets! I just have to get there and get them. That also is somewhat of a fib seeing how I have just started going to a new market on Saturdays about an hour away from our home to sell our bakery items, so I am already there, I just need to get them!

I think I was waiting until we had our garden beds all ready for those beautiful little plants, I would not know what to do with them if they had to wait to be planted for too long. I don’t think I am an awful gardener but I could definitely use a class or two. I would love to feel more confidant in my abilities to actually get big, beautiful, plentiful plants to grow in my garden. I have not had the best of luck in the past two years when it came to getting a decent – okay even any – harvest from our garden.

Every year I am so excited to plant one and see just how much we can grow, I would love to have so much from our garden that I would have enough to give some to all my friends and maybe even have a little stand out front. Unfortunately that bliss has eluded me for years now and there has always been a reason. The willow tree fell smack-dab in the middle of it one year, and last year we had more of a floating garden than anything else! But, like I said, we have a plan!

These new raised beds will be the answer to our gardening dilemmas; we will achieve a garden that friends will envy. Actually we will be happy with a garden that we can be proud of ourselves, and hopefully we will be able to share with our friends, but only after I have canned ’til my hearts delight!

I think, above all else, that is my driving ambition behind wanting this darn garden so bad! I want those rows upon rows of filled glass gems lining my basement shelves, the same shelves that have sat barren for years. I want to taste the garden goodness well into the winter months, when your not supposed have those goodies available to grace your plate.

So, here we go again for another try at our garden, with high hopes for an overflowing garden full of all the veggies we could possibly imagine!

  • Published on Jun 11, 2009
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