Blackberries Beat the Heat

| 7/18/2016 12:53:00 PM

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Connie MooreBlackberries are one of our favorite fruits for pies, cobblers and well, just about any way fruits are eaten. I used to go berry picking along local roads. Now, I’ve found frozen berries from the grocery are almost as good. I escape the poison ivy and worry of being out where fast and often distracted drivers zoom past.

When the hot days of July make it urgent to keep the house as cool as possible, we have stovetop blackberry dumplings or blackberry flummery. Both are wonderful with a dollop of heavy cream or ice cream on top.

When I was a kid, Dad always got our milk, cream and ice cream from Young’s Jersey Dairy over in Yellow Springs. Our evening drives to cool off usually ended there. That was before houses were cooled with AC, so we depended on the cooler evening air to settle our nerves down. Also an ice cream cone helped a lot!

We were thrilled when Young’s had their summer special on pints of ice cream. Dad would let us each have our own pint of ice cream. Fifty years ago that was a big deal.

Back home, as we tried to make that pint last as long as possible, Mom was busy making sure she had the ingredients for blackberry dumplings or flummery. Dad always got first shot at the cream gathered in the top of the milk bottles to top his dish of dessert. We didn’t care as the whole bottle was filled with a rich creamy milk that even today beats any old artificial whipped topping.

Yes, whether ice cream, evening rides or blackberry flummery, we all need something special to get us through these hot summer days of July.

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