Free Tomato Plants: Rooting Tomatoes for an Extended Harvest

| 7/21/2010 3:02:37 PM

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ReneaFor those who were lucky enough to get their tomatoes planted early, vine ripened tomatoes are here (or almost here). However, in a blink those tomatoes will stop producing, which is why I encourage ya’ll to root sucker branches to ensure a harvest right up until frost.

As luck would have it, I broke the top off of my tallest – over fertilized – tomato while trying to stake it. Never fear, I placed the broken plant into a jar of water. Less than a week has passed, take a look at the roots that have emerged!

This photo was taken two days after I placed the plant in the water. As you can see, tiny roots are emerging.

tomato roots

The second photo was taken after the plant had been in the water five days. Check out those massive roots.

tomato roots 2

9/6/2010 7:10:05 PM

Is it possible to retransplant the whole plant to bring inside. Our night time temps will start being in the 30 closer to the end of the month. My plants are just now strating to produce (I know kind of late). Just looking for a way to keep the whole plant intact, since they aren't very big to begin with. My largest cherry tomato plant is about a foot to a foot and a half. Any advise would be very helpful.

8/15/2010 7:13:22 PM

Hello fellow gardeners. So glad to read you've tried this tip. I now have small tomatoes on the plants pictured above. We are now in the middle of a drought, so I am praying the rains will come and I'll have tomatoes up until frost. Thanks for reading my blog. Happy gardening!

7/28/2010 6:18:37 PM

I did this... And it worked! My "better boys" never fruited this summer in the Arizona heat. So I'm hoping these will produce fresh plants for a fall crop since it will be sunny and in the 80's until early December. Let's hope it works! My clippings have sprouted roots, now I just have to see if they survive the transplant. I'll let you know.

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