Free Kindle E-book This Weekend

| 8/23/2012 6:49:12 PM

 A photo of Shannon SaiaThis weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 24th - 26th, my new e-book More Confessions of a Vegetable Lover will be free on Amazon. It's my understanding that these freebie promotions begin at 12 a.m. Pacific Standard Time (PST) on the first day. I have heard stories about glitches in this system ocassionally as regards the exact timing, so if you should happen to pop over to Amazon for your free copy and it's not listed yet as free, please try back again.

You don't have to own a kindle to take advantage of this offer. Amazon will let you download a kindle reader for your computer for free.

Speaking of e-books, it's come to my attention that the book I wrote about in my last post, Simply Garden Small, is no longer available for 99 cents. I happened to stumble upon the author's blog and saw that 99 cents was intended to be a short term, introductory price. The book is now $3.99. If you didn't already grab your copy, rest assured that it's still a great book, even at $3.99. I apologize if anyone went looking for a 99 cent ebook and was disappointed to find it no longer available at that price. I plead total ignorance.