Still Some Summer Hold Outs

| 10/25/2013 11:20:00 AM

The New Century Homesteaders Other BlogI will be the first to admit. I absolutely hate mid- to late fall and winter. All of the winter. People come to the Finger Lakes from all over just to see the changing leaves, while I just see winter around the corner, which is why I am choosing to spend more time in the warm weather, even seriously considering moving all of my work down south.

I miss the gardens, the green, the sunshine and just being able to spend time outdoors without freezing and wearing layer upon layer of clothing in an attempt to keep warm. However, taking a short jaunt over to my parent's camp yesterday, I noticed a little ray of sunshine. Their little rose was still blooming. Despite the 40 degrees and under nights, and cold days, the rose is not only still blooming, but there are a few buds left as well.


I thought about picking one for a salad, but the flowers brought a brightness to an otherwise dreary surrounding. So I took a picture instead.

11/1/2013 7:15:01 AM

Kim, you can eat roses? I'm finding out many flowers can be eaten in salads. Interesting. All of the last stand flowers have been bitten by the continuing frosty nights here. Winter is definitely on the way and gardening is over for this year. I kind of life Winter in that I get to dream over the seed catalogs and plan the garden projects for next year while sipping a steaming cup of hot chocolate. All the Winter comfort foods help get through the cold winter days. School snow days have a new meaning with a nine year old grandson living in the house. He and I still roar down the school yard hill on the toboggan. Some will say that caring for a child will keep you young but for me, it just makes me tired. :0) Have a great fall day.