Don't Be Too Tidy

| 12/5/2013 9:14:00 AM

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Amy HillNow that fall is well and truly upon us (at least, for those of us who live in places where seasons seem to change), it's time to focus on garden clean-up.

But don't be too thorough: Leave some plants with decorative seed heads or berries so that birds can easily find food for the winter.

Nandina Berry Cluster

Like the rest of us, birds need some variety in their diets. While many of us enjoy setting out bird feeders in the winter, encouraging them to forage in our gardens is both healthy for them, and good for our gardens. If birds become accustomed to finding food and shelter sources in your garden in the winter, you can be assured they will return in warmer seasons to help you control your insect populations.

Additional tips for encouraging birds to your winter garden:

Joe Pye Seed Head

12/8/2013 3:22:11 PM

Amy, I'm not sure where you live but we here in Nebraska are heavy into Winter weather. Single digits at night, snow today, and unmentionable wind chills, all keep me inside where it's warm and cozy. Outside working conditions are unbearable. It's time to get into the Christmas season and inside Winter projects. I don't have many berries in my garden yet. I'm working on that but it will be a couple more years. ***** Have a great Winter wild life food day.

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