Butterfly Bush Varieties and Care

Plant these butterfly bush varieties for beautiful spring or fall foliage in your garden.

| August 2013

  • Find more than 500 top-performing, multi-season plants in “Powerhouse Plants.”
    Cover Courtesy Timber Press
  • A swallowtail butterfly feeds on the flowers of ‘Harlequin’, whose cream-edged gray-green foliage makes a striking display before and during flowering.
    Photo By judywhite
  • Conspicuously reddish in color, the flowers of ‘Masquerade’ (‘Notbud’) stand out against the variegated foliage.
    Photo By judywhite
  • The variable cream variegations of ‘Florence’ are ideal background for its pale blue flowers.
    Photo By judywhite

Find plants that look good for more than just a few weeks of the year in Powerhouse Plants (Timber Press, 2013). Author and plantsman Graham Rice shows you how to get the best value from plants that work hard for you, changing beautifully and dramatically through the seasons. In this excerpt, learn which butterfly bush varieties you should plant in your garden.

You can purchase this book from the GRIT store: Powerhouse Plants.

Butterfly Bush

deciduous shrub

spring to fall foliage

summer and fall flowers

attracts butterflies

A cascade of late-season flowers and striking foliage on easy, resilient shrubs

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