Flower and Nature Photography: The Many Hazards

| 9/14/2011 10:40:07 PM

 hooligans being hooligans 
Hooligans being hooligans.  

Hooligans: Taking close up shots of flowers does involve some hazards. One of the biggest nuisances I have is while trying to take pictures of butterflies. I don’t like to use a telephoto lens when shooting butterflies.  I think I get a sharper and better quality photo by using a regular lens. You chase one around for a while, and finally it decides to light, and you finally get the angle you want. Just about the  time you get ready to press the button one of the hooligans decides that the butterfly or flower is going to attack you and bites at it, or all 3 decide to stampede through, scaring your subject or breaking off the flower. Whenever Levi sees my camera he bugs me until I take his picture then he goes off. He’s such a ham. Other times it’s either a nose under your arm or pawing at the time the picture is snapped results in a sky or ground picture. If you pet that one, the other two jealous hooligans also have to have attention and a tussle starts between them which results in me sitting on the ground with all 3 on top giving you a face wash. It must be a ploy so that I’ll pay them attention. Patches and Levi are scared of gunshots and thunder, so with dove season they are right underfoot or sitting on my foot making themselves a tripping hazard. Not to mention, they scare off the birds. I use the sports setting on my Canon Rebel Xti when taking pictures of birds or butterflies. Close up setting is used for flowers. 

While on the hooligan front, another hazard is the holes they create from digging up field mice or moles. However hooligan holes are an everyday gardening hazard.

   Levi scaring the hummers off 
I was wondering why the hummingbirds weren't coming around. 

 3 hummers at feeder 09132011 

Insects: Of course you also have the bugs to contend with. I have several re-blooming iris which bloom in the spring and again in late September to October.  The fall bloom season seems to have a longer blooming than the spring one. They are usually still blooming when frost hits. I was taking pictures of one re-blooming iris called Harvest of Memories when all of a sudden I had claws coming across the view finder. A huge praying mantis decided that the camera lens was a good place to hang out while hunting for bugs. After calming down, I placed it back on the iris bloom and got a picture of it.  I have found several paper wasps nest this year on the ground or just above the ground. Wonder if this is a prediction for the type of winter we are going to have?  I was almost stung by bees getting the picture of the swallowtail on Joe Pye weed.  I was so focused on getting shots that I ignored the numerous bees on the plant.  

Mary Carton
9/22/2011 9:35:44 PM

Dave imagine having 3 or your grandsons around 24/7, that's what it is like with my 3. They keep you in shape and keep you young. I fussed at Fred that the hooligans were going to get him and pulled on his tail, he hissed and went back under the AC unit. He was fairly docile until Blackie attacked him one day while he was out getting sun and I had to save him. The hummingbirds started migrating about a week earlier and are continuing later than last year. Been fantastic, but they are eating me out of house and home. I can't keep feeders full. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Mary

Nebraska Dave
9/22/2011 11:44:20 AM

Mary, I know snakes are good to keep the mouse, rat, and bug population down but I have agree with Indiana Jones about snakes. I hate snakes. There just too sneaky for me. When you least expect it they bite you. I can just do without them. I can deal with them if I have too but I'd rather not. You never have to worry about being bored at your place. Do you? Between the humming birds and the dogs life is always filled with adventure. Too much for me. I kind of like the quiet slow pace life that has finally found me in this season of life. I get my excitement from a soon to be seven year old running the house when he's not in school. That's quite enough for me. Have a great day sorting through the 1671 humming bird pictures.

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