Floriani Red Flint Grain Corn: A Homestead Staple

Grow Floriani Red Flint corn for out-of-this-world flavor and exceptional nutrition. Plus, try our great cornmeal recipes!

| July/August 2013


Floriani Red Flint corn is a productive heirloom with exceptional flavor.

Photo Courtesy Larry Sales

One of the benefits of growing Floriani Red Flint Corn in your garden is the great cornmeal you can use in any number of recipes. Looking for a polenta recipe? How about a corn mush using this flavorful grain? Here are a few recipes that are sure to become family favorites.

Floriani Recipes

Floriani Polenta
Baked Floriani Corn Mush
Corn Pancakes a la Floriani
Floriani Cornmeal Pizza Crust
Floriani Hush Puppies With Chipotle Crust
Shrimp and Floriani Grits

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