A Flock of Chickens and Ducks

Raising ducks helps control garden pests, and a webcam on our site focuses on GRIT’s poultry brooder.

| July 2013

  • Heritage Chickens Great for Laying
    Heritage chickens are great layers, and perfect for the backyard flock.
    Lori Dunn

  • Heritage Chickens Great for Laying

Myriad factors must be taken into account before you start raising chickens, ducks or other poultry. You can learn more by searching the Grit website, and here are a few articles to get you started. Discover a method of keeping the chicken litter managed; relax as you watch the hatchlings roaming the Grit office brooder via our LIVE webcam; and contemplate building your own chicken tractor to help your flock free range. Research heritage breeds to determine the best one for your flock; consider adding ducks to help control garden pests, including ticks; and watch a new video about keeping a backyard flock. Our sister publication, Mother Earth Living, lists the best weeds to keep around – for nutrition, among other things. Hank offers some advice on preparing a deer feeder in a blog post for Tough Grit Hints From Hank Will, and watch an episode of “Tough Grit” about clearing some of your woodland.

A Flock of Chickens and Ducks

Try a new litter management method for your feathered flock.

Relax as you watch the hatchlings on Grit’s LIVE brooder cam!

A chicken tractor may be just what your hens need.

Select the best heritage chicken breeds for your place.

Ducks just love those garden pests.

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