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| 10/9/2017 9:04:00 AM

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As I have written before, this has been the summer of getting back to nature for me. In the garden, weed control, and in other aspects of my life I am trying to get back to the basics and use from the earth what God has provided for us as opposed to all the chemicals that we have grown accustomed to relying on in recent years.

Well, summer has turned to autumn and the garden and other projects are mostly done for the year, so it is time to look back and reflect on what worked and what didn’t. Keep in mind that I am only one person doing my own trials, but these are the results from my “experimental” summer.

First of all, I have said all along that there has to be a better method of weed control than relying on Roundup. I don’t blame the gardeners and the farmers because right now they do not have options. In order to reap the yields from the crops, they need to control the weeds and right now the only way to do that is with Monsanto’s Roundup. We have all heard how Roundup is being scrutinized because of related health risks, namely certain kinds of lymphoma.

In light of this, I went totally the all-natural route this year. I mixed vinegar, salt and Dawn dish soap. Did it work? The answer is bittersweet. I was warned at the onset that it would take multiple applications throughout the season for the salt to reach the root and eventually kill the weeds and sterilize the soil.

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