Fence Panels and March Weather

| 3/10/2013 9:27:43 AM

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A photo of Nebraska DaveMarch came in with bitter cold temperatures and indeed high winds of 40 MPH plus.  I know you folks in Kansas think that just a gentle breeze but here in Nebraska that's a hefty wind.  With a high of 29 degrees that day, the wind chill was brutal. I awoke again this morning to howling winds and snow covered the ground.  The temperatures will be 31 for the high today and slowly warming with a high 57 on Thursday.  All this is typical March weather for Nebraska and I wouldn't have it any other way.  It just makes Spring that much more enjoyable when it does actually arrive. 

I have managed even with the typical March roaring lion weather to work on my fence panels. This was one of the nice warm 50 something days. I now have 30 feet built.  That's one side of the 30 foot square area that I'm building a fence around.  This is just one panel of that side.  The very next day it started raining and then last night snow.  It puts a kibosh on any progress on that project for awhile.
Painting a fence panel

Yea, the first day above 50 degrees came three days ago and made it a good time to begin the painting.  The primer is Kilz exterior primer.  I knew the wood in pallets would be really dry but it looks like one gallon of primer will cover just one eight foot panel.  Of course that's both sides and a double coat.  My free fence panels just got expensive.  I decided that I would paint a background color of grass green before painting the name of the gardens, Terra Nova Gardens across the top of the fence and paint grass blades across the bottom of the panels with a lighter color green. At twenty dollars a gallon it will take $80 to buy just the primer for one side of the fence.  The green paint is about $30 a gallon but hopefully after sealing up the wood with primer, it won't take so much of the green and green only needs to be on the front side of the panels.
Broccoli and Cabbage seedlings

Here's my little shamrock babies.  I took them outside in the 50 degree temperatures for a couple hours to let them enjoy the fresh air.  There's a couple tulips coming up in the background in the very grassy flower bed.  I really need to do spring cleanup of all my flower beds.  I lost track of which side is broccoli and which side is cabbage.  They all look exactly alike at this stage.  They are still looking really healthy.  I just might actually produce some cabbage and broccoli.  That would be a first for me.  If the cabbage does well, it will be made into sour kraut.  That's another first.  If the broccoli does good it will be frozen for Bradley to eat during the summer. This year is filled with first time things. 

So things are shut down here at the Urban Ranch due to the snow and freezing temperatures.  I hope all is well with all the GRIT bloggers.  Be of good cheer cause Spring is near.  Actually the official date for Spring is only 9 days away and there's only 74 days of school left for my grandson, Bradley. Then things will get very interesting.   

Are there any interesting things happening in your part of the world?  Have a great day thinking about or working in the garden. 

3/20/2015 6:39:36 AM

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nebraska dave
3/17/2013 3:57:14 AM

Tgrbts, I'm glad you stopped by and left a comment. My fence panels are for my newly acquired garden in a not so good part of town so I've decided to put my own garden style graffiti on the fence before other decide to decorate it. Hopefully it will prevent that but we will just have to see what happens. It's a little more expensive but I'm thinking it will make the fence last longer and really help with beautification of the property. After all I'm trying to create something that will improve the neighborhood. Have a great pallet fence day.

tgrbts boyer
3/16/2013 8:37:48 PM

I've been thinking of adding to my fence with some pallets, but I wouldn't have thought to paint them like that before I put them up. Definitely smarter way to do it. thanks

cindy murphy
3/13/2013 12:22:11 PM

HA, Dave! And believe me, I'm laughing with you, not at you regarding your comment that your free fence panels just got expensive. There have been (many, many) times that I've brought home something free that ended up turning into an expensive project. Hubs has learned just to roll his eyes and go with the flow whenever I say "Look what I found! And it was FREE!!!"

nebraska dave
3/13/2013 2:24:02 AM

Peggy, I'm glad that your son likes Nebraska. I lived in St. Louis, Missouri for about five years. It definitely is a different culture. Here I know all the neighbors up and down the street both sides. There I vaguely knew the neighbors that lived next to me. I was born and lived most of my life in Nebraska. When I moved back to Nebraska after living in St. Louis, I vowed never to leave again. My family scattered all across the country and since retirement has indicated that I should move closer to them but I'm destined to live my life and die in Nebraska. Gardeners have many different ways to grow things. In my humble opinion there's no wrong way to grow tomatoes. I have tried many different ways. Some work better than others and it totally depends on the weather and soil conditions. I have grown tomatoes exactly the same way for years and still have some years that I'm buried in tomatoes and other years barely have enough to eat. Just have an enjoyable time growing things no matter how they turn out. There's always next year. Have a great garden day.

peggy murray
3/12/2013 6:17:13 PM

Dave, thanks for your post. My son moved to Nebraska from Missouri. He really likes it up there. He says people are friendlier and will stop and help you. Ah, the good old days. It is supposed to get up into the 60's here about Thursday. I am wanting to plant some food this year. We have zoysia grass (not because we want it). I want to do some planting in containers. I have done tomatoes before and they turned out okay but my husband always says I'm not doing it right. If I get something off the plant, I'm happy. Thanks for letting us know what's going on in Nebraska. Peggy M

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