Fears of Over Reliance on Single Fuel Drives Families to Multi-Fuel Technology

| 7/25/2012 10:35:54 AM

For families already experiencing the pain of high home heating costs, one thing is sure to be a continual source of frustration: paying even higher costs down the road because they are locked into a single type of fuel whose price keeps rising.  Or worse, not being able to buy the fuel at all due to shortages, restrictions on emissions, or other circumstances beyond their control.

As a result, many families are instead turning to multi-fuel stoves, which can provide clean, low cost, energy-efficient home heating with a variety of fuel sources including some “future fuels” now becoming available.  This can provide home heating security for families not only during the cold winter months but also year-round for decades to come.

Too Cold for Too Long 

The trouble comes from relying on a single home heating fuel source.  Whether that source is wood, corn, wood pellets, propane, kerosene, fuel oil, or electricity, uncontrollable factors such as price volatility, shortages, or emission restrictions can put a family’s ability to stay warm at risk.  It can also force a family to invest in new technology that could also face similar challenges in the future if it relies on a single fuel source.  This can leave families feeling trapped. When the cost of home heating escalates, some simply turn down the thermostat and wear extra sweaters, socks, and blankets to conserve heat.

“We were tired of how much it cost to keep the house barely warm, tired of wearing extra clothes indoors and piling on blankets,” says Beth Gasser, who along with her husband Steve and three daughters live in a 3,300 sq. ft., three-floor home in Hutchinson, Minn.  “We were spending about $3,500 a year to heat our home, yet the floor was always cold and we couldn’t afford to keep it as warm as we wanted.”