Odom's Idle Acres: The Farm Tour, Part 1

| 5/28/2010 2:09:01 PM

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A photo of Drew OdomPart 1 of 3. You've been asking for it (or maybe I made that up); a tour of my office on wheels and a bit about the view. Join me for a quick tour of the office, the chicken house, one of the gardens, and a few surprise stars!

5/29/2010 9:25:06 AM

Well Dave...I am OCD and so even in my chicken coop I insist on a clean environment. I know they don't need it but I want it for them and I feel better about their lot in life if it is so. As for the garden? That is 1 of 3 and is the middle size. We have the BIG one and then smaller ones....oh, and of course our raised beds. hahahahahah. We are going to keep a spreadsheet on the amount(s) of our harvest this year so even that will be orderly. WOW. I have a problem. hahahaha. Your uncle sounds awesome. My design is that the cold water comes from the well and meets the hot (courtesy of 100 feet of poly tube mounted on the black, asphalt, shingle roof of the barn) in a mixer valve. All our parts were recycled so keep an eye out for that blog post. As always Dave, thanks for keeping up with me and spurring me on!

Nebraska Dave
5/28/2010 10:32:03 PM

Drew, that was a pretty cool video. You have a nice well kept place. That was the cleanest chicken coop that I have ever seen. I’m afraid that ours on the farm did quite get cleaned everyday. Ours usually got cleaned when the chickens got processed which was about end of July or August in the highest of Nebraska heat. That always seemed to be my job. You have one huge garden. I think it’s neat the way you have conserved water with the soaker hoses. I’m still working on my watering system and probably will for some time. It’s a work in progress. I kind of design as I go. More parts to the system come to mind as I work on it. The outside solar shower is a great idea. My great uncle had one on his farm. I used to visit his farm and marvel at the genius of a shower warmed by the sun. It was nothing more than a 55 gallon barrel mounted on top of his storage shed and painted black. A hose came out of the barrel into a shower head inside the storage shed. There were slats in the floor to let the water out and into the dirt under the shed. It was crude but Old Uncle Sam was way ahead of his time with solar showers. This would have been 50 years ago.

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