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| 8/30/2010 11:01:56 AM

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I love exploring around the farm. FarmMan does too. You just never know what you might find.

Metal detector and shovel

We have found several beautiful Native American arrowheads.

Native American Arrowhead

Here are some of the bottles, buttons, and arrowheads we have found. The bottle on the right is an old Windex bottle. The sprayer still works! At the bottom are a few of the rattlers from the Timber Rattlesnakes we came across when exploring.

Arrowheads, buttons, bottles, and rattlers.

9/4/2010 12:52:48 PM

Thanks Rodeo Princess, Yeah, I dug up some big lumps around here and found more dirt, a stump, and more dirt. No hidden gold or silver yet! That is strange about the hair pins and comb. Maybe that was the excuse. "I have to wear my hair down now. I lost all my hairpins and combs" She may have started the newest trend of wearing hair down in her time! lol.. Glad you didn't find the big ole rat that was meant for the trap! Have a great weekend. Pam

9/4/2010 12:47:55 PM

Hey Cindy, Well, the wasp nest was cheaper than candy.Haaha. But, it was a nice thought. I still have it in my curio cabinet after 4 years. He didn't think of the Bee my Valentine. Reminds of my school valentines from years(and years)ago. Ohh, the old stone building is interesting. I wonder if it was a smoke house? Or maybe where they kept food cool at? The old newspapers would be a fun read. And yes, the gold fillings sure would be worth a lot more today. Have a great weekend. Pam

rodeo princess
9/3/2010 6:16:23 PM

WOW! You found some great things! We have a suspicious lump in one of the pastures I have been threatening to dig up for years - it might be the old farm dump OR a dead horse - who knows? The most thought provoking thing I found was hairpins and a comb in the rafters of the basement, in front of the fire place. This part of our house dates prior to 1790. I am haunted by the notion that one day, the woman never put her hair up again. I wonder why. We also found an enormous rat trap in the wall. I don't wonder why, about that. Love your posts.

cindy murphy
9/2/2010 8:29:18 PM

What a fun post, Pam! Finding things is always exciting, and that's some pretty cool stuff you've found on your farm. I think it's very sweet Farm Man gave you the heart-shaped wasp's nest for Valentine's Day. To know that he saw the heart in the shape of the nest took more thought than running to the store for a box of candy, I think. Did he say "Bee my Valentine" when he gave it to you? Around our yard we've found a couple of neat old bottles, some broken pottery - quite pretty, actually - a few tool parts, lots of nails, and part of a stone foundation for some type of building. I found it while trying lay the border for my birch garden, and kept hitting rock, never realizing I was following the line of a buried stone wall. Inside the house, the neatest thing we found was the old insulation - newspapers from the late 1800s when a gold filling at the dentist cost 5 cents. Woulda been kinda neat finding the gold fillings - which with today's inflation, I'd bet would be worth a little more than 5 cents. Have a great weekend.

9/1/2010 11:30:04 AM

Hi Robyn, Bleached bones and miner's artifacts are reminders of people and animals before us, too. I bet the hikes are fun! I wonder sometimes who will be finding the bits and pieces left by us here on the farm, years and years from now. Thanks for the comment. Pam

robyn dolan
9/1/2010 9:24:24 AM

Pam, how cool. I never find anything like that on my 10 acres. Except now and then some bleached bones from a long dead cow or elk. This was all high desert ranch land. There are some old mines way out in the nearby forest, though, and we enjoy hiking out and finding remnants of the old miners. I guess mine will be the artifacts that will be found by someone who lives here years from now...

8/31/2010 6:10:25 PM

Thanks Vickie, I know..I was thrilled to find the Hoosier cabinet. My mother had one almost like that one when I was growing up. It just seems like home looking at the Hoosier. Nebraska Dave, the blue print is a great find! I think anything we find from days gone by is just wonderful. It may not be worth money but it was worth something to someone at one time. So, it is worth something to me just to find it. Thanks for the comment. Chuck, I love finding arrowheads. To imagine some one years and years ago just carving the spearhead from rock is amazing! Hi Kathy, I know you will have such a wonderful adventure and life in your cabin in the woods! It is so exciting to imagine it. Good luck with it all! Pam

kathy in ky
8/31/2010 9:53:04 AM

Hi Pam - I saw your link to this article on Facebook. I love your Hoosier cabinet. I have been checking Craigslist a lot lately looking for an old treadle sewing machine to use in the cabin I am moving to - there are so many Hoosier cabinets out there, that I hope to one day get one. Many are already restored, and quite pricey, but there are some that need to be refurbished, and I think that would be a neat project to have in the Fall/Winter when the garden harvesting and canning is done for the season. Thanks for sharing all of your treasures with us. I love to look at old things people have used in the past. Take care, from me in KY.

chuck mallory
8/30/2010 8:56:04 PM

I used to love finding arrowheads when I was a kid. To think that someone spent all that time shaping a rock to be useful for hunting or fishing. They are like finding jewels.

nebraska dave
8/30/2010 5:31:21 PM

@Pam, I have found things in my backyard when digging down to put in my watering system foundation. In my case there was nothing of great importance. I found a golf ball about a foot and a half down and several kid toys and dishes about the six to eight inch level. Mostly I have found bricks, chunks of concrete, and rotted boards buried from the building of the house in 1965. It must be interesting to go on a treasure hunt right on your own property. I did find the original house blueprint for my house when I moved in. Nothing real exciting there, the house was built just the way it was supposed to have been built. Sounds like you are trying to restore the land to its original state. It must be quite satisfying to rebuild the things that have been there all those years ago. Those that have long since been gone from the property have to some degree been honored by you restoring their works of long ago. I think it’s a great thing that you have decided to do. More folks should take interest in the history of the land they own. Have a great treasure hunting day.

8/30/2010 5:14:12 PM

Pam, Some great finds -I just can't believe someone threw away a Hoosier cabinet and I'm jealous you found it and not me! It seems as though things from long ago are right before our eyes and we don't see them. have a great day vickie

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