A Fall Morning in the Garden

Every now and then I am struck by the seasonal beauty of Cowlick Cottage Farm.  This morning I was up and out early with my camera and a cup of pumpkin spice coffee so that I could share some of the scenes with you.  The sun is just up and peeking through the mist.  Come on a stroll with me and enjoy!

The pecan grove belongs to my neighbors, but we love its ancient rows of moss-covered trees, as well as the pecans that drop over the fence.

The jalapeno peppers are still coming on strong.  They add beautiful fall color to the garden and the table.

It has been a wonderful season for eggplant, which does not mind our brutal heat and humidity.  The branches are still heavy with fruit.

The lettuce transplants are filling out, and we will snip a few leaves around the edges of each plant for a fall salad this evening.   I crave fall salads with goat cheese, dried cranberries, shallots, pecans and balsamic vinaigrette.

The spicy arugula sprouts up in just a few weeks and is ready to toss into fresh pasta or salad.  Arugula also adds a nice little kick to a sandwich or pizza.

The late season tomato transplants show promise, and I would love to taste just one more sweet, juicy homegrown tomato before the really cold weather arrives.  Please?

The live oak trees grace the farm with their solid branches and ageless spirit.  I love this tree.

The Ponderosa lemon tree surprised me this morning with lots of new buds, a promise of juicy lemons in the spring.

Goldenrod adds its fall color around the edges of our property.  It also makes me sneeze.

The Mexican Sunflowers are still budding.

They are adding a little bit of fiesta…to the compost pile, where they are wildly sprouting in a riot of color.

The native Beautybush can be found au naturel all over north Florida.  Their gorgeous berries signal the arrival of fall.

Our fig tree is reaching its branches up to the sky and is still loaded with unripened fruit.  I am hoping for a great crop next year.

I hope you enjoyed our stroll through the garden. You are welcome to visit us any time at  Off to do some more fall planting!

  • Published on Oct 19, 2010
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