Extra! Extra! Weed All About It!

| 8/24/2017 3:23:00 PM

Loretta Liefveld

I love getting my hands in the dirt.

There’s something about the sensation of the dirt between my fingers that’s soothing, yet primal. I can feel the texture and moisture of the soil, and I can see the earthworms close up and personal as they do their magic. I’m also less likely to accidentally pull up a newly sprouted seed that I planted.  Therefore, I never weed with a hoe or other "stand-up" tool.  Instead, I put on my grubbies, grab my favorite hand tools, and plop myself down on the ground. Sometimes I even put on gloves. But, in no time at all, I’m pulling them off so I can really feel the dirt.

My favorite tools are the weeding claw and hand-weeder, shown in this picture:

 20170820 weeding claw and hand weeder rotated Medium

Here’s the method I use: